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What happens to blood flow?

Q: I understand that varicose vein treatment removes leg veins but afterwards are there enough veins left to carry blood out of the leg?

A: The short answer is yes - there are definitely enough veins left for good circulation after vein treatment. We have innumerable veins in our legs, most of which are not visible because they are functioning normally or are located away from the skin surface. The majority of the blood leaves the leg from large veins which are deep in the leg. Superficial veins, the ones just under the skin, carry only a minority of blood out of the leg. Even though they are responsible for a fraction of blood flow, it is the superficial veins that can become problematic and turn into visible, palpable, or uncomfortable swollen varicose veins.

Varicose vein treatments target abnormally functioning superficial veins. These are veins that carry blood, but just don’t carry blood very efficiently. Minimally invasive procedures precisely close or remove these inefficient veins which redirects blood into healthy veins that work better. The procedures do not disturb the larger, deeper veins or the normal superficial veins. The veins that remain after treatment, even though we can’t see them, are more than capable of carrying blood of the leg and the overall blood flow from the leg is not compromised. In fact, the opposite is true as blood exits the leg better and this helps reduce symptoms of leg discomfort and prevent further problems from varicose veins.

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