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Montana Vein & Surgical Clinic invites you to visit us for a superior experience in varicose vein care. With rapid healing and only minimal discomfort after treatment you can return to normal activity immediately and are back on your feet in no time. Minimally invasive office-based treatments are now considered standard for varicose vein care. All our procedures are done without the need for general anesthesia. Only tiny incisions are needed and discomfort is generally minimal during treatment and recovery. Patients are allowed to resume normal activity immediately and, in fact, many go back to work the very same day. Every treatment plan is individualized depending on the presentation of visible veins, ultrasound finings, and patient expectations. Montana Vein & Surgical Clinic often achieves its excellent results by using a combination of procedures.

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Endovenous Vein Ablation 


If discomfort occurs it can last for a few days to a week. Walking, low impact exercises, and stretching are encouraged starting the day of treatment and help people get better faster. Strenuous activities should be avoided for two weeks, but after that there are no restrictions.

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