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Are results long term?

Q. My mother had varicose vein surgery years ago but her veins came back. Now I need treatment – will my veins come back, too?

A. We are fortunate to live in an era where modern varicose vein procedures are highly effective and have excellent long term results. Treated varicose veins should not come back and the vast majority of people are very satisfied with both symptom relief and aesthetic improvement. That being said, it is also important to realize that vein treatments are not perfect and some people continue to have ongoing problems. This happens for various reasons but often is due to genetic or hereditary factors which increase one’s risk for varicose veins throughout life.

Even though vein treatments are effective they cannot cure or remove underlying risk factors. To help counter this, a comprehensive treatment plan should always be considered to help support the venous circulation and minimize future problems with varicose veins. Most important are regular exercise and use of compression stockings. Stocking use can be individualized - for those with mild leg problems occasional use may suffice but for those with more extensive vein problems regular use is encouraged. For exercise, 30 minutes a day five times a week is a good general guide. Compression stockings and exercise are a powerful complement to vein treatment, can help control leg discomfort, and may lower the future risk for varicose veins.

Those with ongoing vein problems usually have options for additional treatment. A critical step is a thorough exam that includes an ultrasound. This information is used to create a focused treatment plan, often including both procedural and conservative treatments, and gives the best chance for a good outcome. Phone: (406) 414-5037

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