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Does insurance cover this?

Q: Will insurance cover my varicose vein treatment?

A: This is definitely one of the most common questions people ask when they come to see us. Most insurances (including Medicare) cover varicose vein procedures as long as the treatments are deemed medically necessary. Several criteria define this and include symptoms of venous disease (heaviness, achy, tiredness, itching, leg swelling), an ultrasound exam that documents the venous system is not working efficiently, and an attempt to manage or control the symptoms by non-procedural means. Meeting these criteria first requires a physical exam with a focus on the varicose veins and circulation. A detailed ultrasound exam is usually next, ideally done by technologists and radiologists or physicians with expertise in venous interpretation. Conservative management of varicose vein symptoms is the first intervention for most and focuses on lifestyle modifications such as the use of compression stockings and periodic leg elevation. If these measures do not result in significant improvement most insurances will allow proceeding with varicose vein treatment as medically necessary.

Our experience over the years working with insurances from all over the country has been that these are general guidelines. We have also found that individual insurance companies often have specific unique requirements within their written policy. It is critical that these policies be adhered to and pre-authorization be obtained prior to any planned varicose vein treatment. Experience in this area goes a long way to avoid any unexpected charges or insurance denials after treatment is complete. Quality varicose vein providers work with patients through every step of the process from evaluation to recovery, including obtaining insurance pre-authorization for treatment. (406) 414-5037

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